Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey all

Life is continually flying by and someday I hope to catch up to it. How will I do it though?? Lord knows, but I'm hoping that the summer will be the perfect time to regroup and hang out with the kids. We have our first baseball game tonight and our first t-ball practice tonight also. LOL! Talk about being pulled from all directions!

We are also getting our fence put up so the dogs will be able to play w/o being tied up and then we'll also be able to get our pool up. It is just a 13'x40" pool, but just perfect to keep our air conditioning off more and the kids out more. Our summer reading program also starts the first Weds in June at the library and that is always fun. When its all done we always get to go to a Chiefs game and they have great fireworks. We love it!!

I will be adding pictures soon, but I just wanted to drop a line by to say Hello again!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My guy is 8...

Seems like just yesterday I was changing OBGYNs since my "ulcer" didn't seem to be healing and I still thought something else must have been going on. Then the new doc was telling me that it was a tumor or I was pregnant and that it had a heartbeat. I'd never heard of a tumor w/ a heart beat, but we'd figure it out. But they insisted it was a baby and 5 mths later, sure enough, along came Arlington. And since then we've had quite a are some moments in his past 8 yrs.
Arlington minutes after being born.
Arlington just at 1.
Arlington almost 2.
Arlington almost 4.
Kindergarten photo.
6th birthday.
7th birthday.
Arlington in 1st grade.