Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My new favorite song

Okay, so aside from Jason Mraz's I'm Yours, which I'm totally in love with because it just makes me feel good, I LOVE Matt Costa's Mr. Pitiful.

Let me know what you favorite song right now is. I've got a list a mile long in addition to these, but when these 2 come on, I almost have to stop what I'm doing to listen.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So...what's been going on in my life? Nothing. The weather has been gorgeous. I've been walking, walking, walking. The kids have been playing outside. We've been enjoying nature. I stamped some Mothers Day cards, sympathy cards and masculine birthday cards with my mother. Then I made Arlington's birthday invitations. It seems crazy to me that I am making 7th yr birthday cards. 7 yrs that boys has been a part of our family in less than 2 weeks. Just 1 week and 2 days to be exact.

Oh well, I will move on and continue watching them grow up. Life will continue zooming by. Baseball was supposed to start tonight, but apparently my prayers were answered by a cancellation because of team changes. This was heavenly. I'm not ready for summer stuff yet. We just started the spring. It seems like summer is getting shoved down my throat like Christmas has been lately. Lets take things one day at a time here people!! Sheesh.

I wanted to give a shout out to two of my friends that are expecting babies! Aaron and Kelli are now expecting their addition within days. And Ryan and Brooke are in the 2nd trimester from what I've gathered. This was such exciting news to me.

Another of my friends, Sandi from Henry, has just miscarried and I'd love if you guys could say a little prayer for her too.

I'm sending out big cyberhugs to you all tonight. Oh...and I'm feeling fantastic after an Andrew Lloyd Weber American Idol. Hoorah for broadway!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my cut and my work

So I think I finally have a few pictures I'd be happy enough with here to show off the cut. I straightened it today with the flat iron. Those things are amazing.

And I've been busy painting the garage doors. Here are pics from when we first bought it, when Darrell painted the green and the door I finally got scraped and painted. Isn't it coming along nicely?

Friday, April 11, 2008

some local business shout-outs

So I don't know if any of you know but I have begun to sell my cards at a local gift shop. The shop's name is Parkside Cottage. While I was taking inventory there the other day, Darrell decided to browse and noticed some coffee syrups and other things like that. I just found that they have an online store. This place is Java & Co. I recommend all of you come to Henry to visit me and these two wonderful businesses. And then we could stop by The CoffeE Cup.

a whole lot of nothin'

So I just felt like writing. Nothing much happening here. Thank goodness the kids are all healthy. I'm still healthy and so is Darrell. Life is pretty much fine. We had pretty nice weather yesterday, so I spent a lot of time scraping the garage and the doors. I still have much to do, but it will look fab when it's done. I should be taking progress photos.

Today is blustery almost. It was gorgeous and sunny this morning at 7, but within an hour it had started getting cloudy and chilly. Then the rain came. It was mostly just drizzly. The rain had plenty of breaks though so Arlington was able to have recess outside, Darrell and I went for a walk to get coffee and oil and filter. Then when I got home, my friend Mary Jo called to see if I wanted to walk and get the kids from school. So we left about 40 mins early and walked around Stoner Park (that's really the name!). As we started walking home with the kids, it started sprinkling again. Luckily it wasn't much.

I feel great with the exercise I got today. I love that feeling after a good workout.

Do any of you notice you cry more that you're older? Or is it just me? I have been watching American Idol and this week was the Gives Back week. So they show kids in America and Africa that desperately need help. And I just sit and ball. It's pitiful. I watch movies and tear up. I cry because I'm tired and worn out. I'm sick of crying. I can't decide if its from exhaustion or hormones or from having kids or just age. Probably its a combination of it all. I'll be glad for nice outside weather so I'll spend less time watching tv. That'll mean less crying, I hope!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's almost here...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am such a dork, that I've subscribed to a Wii newsletter just to find out when the Wii Fit will be here. And it will be May 21st. I think I'm requesting it as my Mother's Day present. I don't know when Mom's Day is, but I'm guessing it's only about a week off. How perfect will that be?? Check out the link to all the cool things this will do. Yippee!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a worthy cause

I think we all can do a little something to make a big difference. So, to go along with the fitness challenge this month here is a link to go check out. Or click on the cute little advertisement on my page. Feel free to add one to your page!!

I hope everyone who reads my blog is willing to give this a shot. I'd wager that most of us have a brita filter somewhere in our house and why not do a little more?

hello folks

Hey there. A few questions for all y'all. you enjoy the music player on my page? I love having music, but sometimes I don't want it. So I'll turn it down or just off. But I know people who absolutely hate it. So I'd like to know the majority vote here.

Second...have you tried to subscribe to this blog and had issues? I was e-mailed by a friend who is having issues. And she is using the same subscription service on her page, so I'm not sure of the issue. I tried another of my e-mail addresses and it seemed to go, but I don't see the address yet on my maintence page. Let me know if you tried and it doesn't work.

So that's all for my questions. As for life, we're pretty good. Everyone seems to be on the mends. We are going to switch drs, so maybe that should help. Yesterday was a relatively beautiful day, but today is rainy and stormy. I'm really looking forward to spring. I don't mind storms, but it's still COLD!

I love you all and hope this finds you well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

this is dumb I know but...

I'm watching American Idol (hey, that's not the stupid part of this post!!!!) and they are showing some past idols and I realized that one of my favorite couples had their twins on this show. What are the odds?? So here I've put the pictures for you to decide.