Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favorite Gabe and the Surgery Quote

I totally forgot my favorite thing about this whole surgery and Gabe.

So we'd all been talking to Gabe about what was going to be happening during the surgery and what he needed to expect. I told him he'd go to sleep after breathing in medicine and then they'd just pull out the tonsils and take out the adenoids and he'd feel a little cruddy for a bit and everything would be better. He talked to his preschool teachers about it and must have asked how they'd get 'em out and they said they go in through his mouth.

So Gabe comes home and asks me "How are they gonna get that small??" He thought the Drs would shrink. Which of course makes me think of Willy Wonka's TV machine. LOL. Gabe told me after the surgery that little mice crawled in and got it all out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

really? Am I that bad?

So it seems I didn't let ANYONE know about Gabe's surgery. Maybe I am a chicken w/ my head cut off. I swear if it wasn't attached I'd loose my head. I've been so disorganized lately and I'm just keeping my head low and plugging along.

Gabe has had long standing issues w/ hearing and liquid behind his ear drums which caused a lack of vibrations in his ear drums. So after years of trying to figure it out w/ hearing tests, allergy tests, etc. we visited and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist and they said his tonsils were awful and his adenoids most likely so swollen that his ears couldn't drain like they're supposed to. So the surgery was scheduled this July or August and yesterday we had it.

I had heard it would be 4 hrs before surgery of pre-prep work, 45 mins for the surgery and then 4 hrs in recovery. We'll we woke up at 5:30 and Gabe wanted to know why we were getting up at night for his surgery when I told him it was a morning surgery. LOL. Mom came and picked me up at 6 and we were at the hospital at 7. They filled out some charts and he was taken in around 8:15 for the anesthesiologist to do her thing. He was in surgery by 9 am and we left before 11:30. It was nutty. He did great! He wasn't nervous. He asked everyone if he could keep his scrubs but the answer was always no. He did get to keep his cap and slippers. He also got a blood pressure cuff that works! It's so cool. He got his mask that helped him "fall asleep". He got his wrap that they covered his IV needle. I felt like we took home a mini hospital!

Today he's doing amazingly well. He's wanting to eat and move about. He's just taking tylenol and antibiotics. He's pretty chipper too. A little pale, but I can't imagine not being after your body's been through that much. Here are some pics of the event.

Modeling the yellow cap, slippers and scrubs. Loading into the chair to head for the anesthesiologist.

Waking up was kind of difficult. He was exhausted. But got to sit on my lap in the 2nd recovery room. He had to stay in the bed in the first recovery room.

Eating the popsicles. We were almost ready to go by this time. You can see much more color in his face and pep in his eyes can't you.

Arlington is going in for an evaluation on Friday. We know his tonsils are fine, but his adenoids could possibly be part of the issues with his asthma and snoring. We'll see. I might have some pics soon of Arlington after surgery.