Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Its a tree fort.

So we promised the kids a tree fort if we got rid of the swingset. And we got rid of the swing set. So...that meant we'd better get our butts in gear and get it done. But Darrell and I aren't always the best at working together. It was a bit of a dread to both of us. But as luck would have it, Darrell's cousin Brennan was on his way to Seattle and asked to stop in. Not only did he get to watch the kids in Wizard of Oz, but he helped Darrell rip out his tree stand and rebuild it onto our tree. Here's how it began.

Boys being boys...they decided the floor boards would be put to better use as ramps for skateboards and things. It lasted for only a while.

Then the floor boards started going up and the kids started to decide they were going to climb. Darrell hung a tree climber on the tree and up they went. Here Maggie was "helping" Brennan with something like maybe handing down his water.

Darrell then added the "trusses/tresses" I forget what they're called. I'd call 'em cross braces. This really solidified the frame and started making it look more like a tree house and less like a floating floor.

Then when all this was looking good, the play was starting and the boys needed to shower while the kids and I scurried to get their costumes and makeup on. Brennan had to leave the next morning but he promised breakfast in the fort before heading out. Here are those shots.

This meant Darrell and I would have to do a few things ourselves. Could we do it? Oh sure we could. And do it we did (Get your minds outta the gutter folks!!) Tuesday morning after the kids got to school (and I got outta bed) we packed up and went to home depot. We got our 4x4 and 1x1 railing pieces and then found these cool post caps that are solar lights. Awesomeness!!!

It did take us two days to get the railings done, but they're done and now the kids can use it almost safetly. There are a few small things we've yet to do, but for now, its awesome fun!!