Friday, August 15, 2008

what I've been doing lately

School starts MONDAY! Ack! I can't believe it. So I've been busy stuffing bookbags with all the labeled supplies. We've gotten all but our dental appts done and the dentist is scheduled. Everyone is getting crazy excited to start going. Especially I think Mom!! I am really looking forward to a set schedule and routine for all of us again.
I made the teachers gifts and I was so excited with them I thought I share with you guys.

I put the chalk board stamp on the back of the envie and the books are stamped on the inside of the cards. It's hard to tell from the pic, but the apple and supply mug are cut out and attached with a dimensional so they are raised a little but. Each teacher will get 8 of these notecards. Isn't it the cutest? I hope they love them as much as I do. Ha!


Em said...

I know, isn't it crazy that it's back-to-school time already? It certainly snuck up quickly. These teacher gifts are beyond cute. You are so creative! I'm sure they'll love them. :)

Kate said...

Wow, how did it get to be back-to-school-time so fast?? I swear we just started this summer and now it is already winding down.

Love these note cards, they are adorable! I agree, they'll definitely love these.