Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas, Love Grammy

The day our tub went in. It's such a big soaker tub (6' long and 31" deep) The kids are so happy Grammy got us a tub for the bathroom that works! They can even go swimming in it!!

The next day Gigi (Darrell's mom) came and helped us tile it. So here is Darrell admiring his handy work...now we just have to grout.

Here it is all grouted up. We used black grout to match our floor. I have yet to try the shower, but the tub is HEAVEN. And my friend Em just sent me some wonderfully decadent Chocolate covered Cherries bubble bath for my birthday. So I have already tried that today. Yum!
I'll follow up more once we get it all trimmed out and looking magnificent.


Em said...

Yay! Glad you got your present and have been able to use it already. That tub looks AWESOME, and so does the tile and groutwork. Merry Christmas!

Kate said...

Lookin' good. I can't wait to see it finished! I hope you have a chance to take a good long soak today!