Tuesday, March 31, 2009

best link ever

I was looking for different images of Kermit the Frog and came across this website. And being that Christian Bale is right up there with most beautiful man ever created, and Kermit is the best muppet ever created...I thought it a very appropriate link. Enjoy.

Oh, you do need to click the "link" in the link I've provided. The 2nd link is too long for blogger to publish evidentally.


Kate said...

HOw did I not realize you were such a fan of Kermit? Or is this another instance in where I am just loosing my mind??

Aubrey said...

I forgot to ever answer this question. I've always been a little nutty about Kermit. Darrell proposed to me using a Kermit doll. I had about 7 Kermit dolls with me at college. And remember my Kermit phone? I had a mug that I've never used since its "so special". LOL.