Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my non-existent life

So I feel like I haven't been connecting for a long time and I'm gonna apologize for that. But fact of the matter is I've not been very good at keeping this thing up except in the beginning. I'm so envious of my friends who are regulars at maintaining their blogs. You rock!

So, instead I'll post a few pics and try to keep you hanging. ;)

These are the only pics I took from the 1st day of school. I didn't take any of the kids I babysit. That would have been nice of me. But I don't think the 5th grader would have cooperated. For Gabe's first day of school, I forgot my camera. Thankfully Miss Sheila let me take pics w/ her camera. She printed this one out for me.

Here is the chalkboard that Darrell's grandfather had made. It was originally green, but the surface needed a lot of care. So I got a can of chalkboard spray paint and took care of that. Then I wanted a new wipe board that had 2-3 months instead of just one. So I pulled out a white metal surface sheet I had and put that in the frame. Darrell cut the vinyl for the board to include 2 months and the daily job chart for a week. He also cut the phrase above so it looks nice.


Kate said...

I know I say this all the time but I can not get over how old the kids are looking! Thanks for sharing their first day of school pics.

I love that chalkboard. Is that at your house?

It is good to hear from you. I suck so bad at email and calling and apologize that I've been quiet lately too. I think about you guys all the time!

Em said...

Hey, no worries, Aubrey. I've also been struggling with the blogging thing lately. Sometimes I think, after five years of maintaining that, I'm just burnt out. But, anyway, I understand that it's hard to keep up with it. :) Thanks for sharing pics of the kids...as Kate said, it's amazing how much they've grown. I was going to ask if that chalkboard is in your house, too. What a neat idea!

Oh, by the way, I was also gonna ask when this babysitting thing started. How many kids are you watching? How is it going?

Love ya!

Aubrey said...

This is in our house. We have it in our eat-in nook in the kitchen. SO we see it every time we sit at the table. Our old one was in the kitchen by the refridgerator. But I just didn't have enough room for everything. And since this has a wood frame, I can also use push pins to display art, hold homework, etc. I'm loving it!!

The kids are getting too old. The day Arlington turned 8, I remember thinking, "yup, they're now kids, not just little guys. You know?"

Right now I'm babysitting for one family. There are 2 boys, 3 yrs and 5th grade. She is expecting again in Feb, which means I'll have a new baby in late March early April. I also have a friend expecting any day now that I'll be watching and I'll get that baby in November. I can't wait to have "my 2 more babies". Plus these are the best kind. I'll get to love 'em and smell 'em and send them home during the worst times: late at night and early in the morning!! So perfect.

Em said...

Sounds great, Aubrey! I'm sure watching those babies will be awesome. :)

Kira said...

I love your chalkboard idea! I'm such a list-maker and love to be organized (I think I have about 3 calendars at this point), I should look into something like that!

Gail said...

You know, we'll take what posts we get and be thankful for them! We're all just happy to hear from you when you do post! :)

It sounds like you're going to have your hands full with all the babies - but I do agree - you're getting the best end of the deal!

I too, LOVE the chalkboard. I'm such a listy/organized/calendar person. I have my calendar in my kitchen with all these little notes/lists clipped to it. Your solution is much neater!