Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favorite Gabe and the Surgery Quote

I totally forgot my favorite thing about this whole surgery and Gabe.

So we'd all been talking to Gabe about what was going to be happening during the surgery and what he needed to expect. I told him he'd go to sleep after breathing in medicine and then they'd just pull out the tonsils and take out the adenoids and he'd feel a little cruddy for a bit and everything would be better. He talked to his preschool teachers about it and must have asked how they'd get 'em out and they said they go in through his mouth.

So Gabe comes home and asks me "How are they gonna get that small??" He thought the Drs would shrink. Which of course makes me think of Willy Wonka's TV machine. LOL. Gabe told me after the surgery that little mice crawled in and got it all out.


Kate said...

Kids are so sweet and innocent. I love this!

normae said...

oh oh I just flashed back to my own sons when they were littleso sweet and loveable and huggable