Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mothers day

How many of you make your bed everyday? Me, I'm luck to make it once a week, really once a month. But when I do I feel so good. Walking past the room makes me think how clean it looks. Getting into a made bed makes me think of hotel rooms with clean fresh sheets. And I hope someone else will notice. But tonight as I climbed into bed, still appreciating my handiwork, I realize no ones gonna notice. All 3 boys are asleep. Darrell has already messed up his side as he snores on. Maggie, who might have noticed, is away on an overnight GS trip. And I feel slightly robbed. Like a kid who's brushed her teeth but didn't get the gold star for the chore chart.

Which reminded me of something my mom said to me a few years back. Everything was difficult. Darrell was gone every night on the late shift. I was forced to cook almost every meal. I was constantly cleaning up something, cooking something, doing laundry, picking up toys, vacuuming endless hairballs from the dogs, and no one noticed. No one offered me a gold star, a pay check, or even a thank you, gee the house looks great. It was depressing. I was depressed. I called mom one day after coming to see a whole new meaning of the phrase target practice with Gabe toilet training. And someone was sick, maybe a dog. Anyway, I was fried and mom suggested I write down my accomplishments each day. Things I wanted people to have noticed. Or maybe even that I'd wiped down the bathroom 5 times that day. So I did. I diet show anyone it. But I saw it and my mental gold star was brightly shining on that chart.

I hope you moms get a gold star today and if not,

Know that I'm sending one your way! Happy mothers day!

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Anonymous said...

I always noticed. Wish I would have said it more. Wish I had gone out of my way to apprecieate you everyday instead of just telling you that I love you. Valuable lesson for me and wish I did not have to learn it like this. Sorry