Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Here goes...

I'll start unloading all of my crap now.

So, as many know, I am a stay at home mom to 3 beautiful kids. I've been married since Feb. '01 and feel like I've been through it all.

First I managed to set the bar super high in all of my family's expectations of myself. Then, as the great hope (myself) went to college to become a forensic pathologist, she managed to fail out in just a year. So I returned home, desolate because now my chances of finding anyone interesting was gone. I started at IVCC with the intentions of becoming a great journalist, but instead met my future husband and forgot about anything else. I have since acknowledged my addictive personality and realize that once I get interested in something, it has to run it's course before I can move on. So at break neck speed, Darrell and I dated, bought a house, became engaged, got pregnant, married, had Arlington, then Maggie, struggled with money, got pregnant with Gabe, made Darrell change careers so he joined Wal-Mart, had Gabe, moved to Henry, had a house fire, moved back and finally managed to start breathing and relaxing. All this breathing started after some great counseling this summer. But now, after all of this and finally feeling settled, Darrell has heard of a great promotion that could happen for him in Columbus Ohio. At first it was also going to require a transfer to Atlanta Georgia for a year before the Ohio move, but this has since been avoided. So I'm again feeling in limbo. But excited with the change.

So instead of finishing up my Christmas cards that I'd started 3 weeks ago, I've spent all of my free time researching Columbus and surrounding area. I need to move on right now, but I am feeling better about it.

I will write more soon.

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