Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stress sucks

So even though Darrell has returned, my stress levels have come to a head. Is that the right phrase? Anyway...I have a mountain of a canker sore sitting right on the inside of my lips. It may as well be a cold sore it is so close to the outside of my mouth. And I swear it is so big, my whole face feels swollen. I have a ginormous headache that I'm sure is related. I think it's got to be similar to those coming down from a high where you feel like complete sh!t. Even though you're better off, you don't feel it. I'm good with stress, but I hate it. And now that the stress is gone, I'm showing just how hard on my body it was.
PS. Sorry to anyone who read this earlier when my canker sore was a cancer sore. I don't have cancer.

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