Thursday, May 15, 2008

My family will need some prayers

Hey there everyone. I have been busy busy busy with painting and planting still this spring. And baseball is in full swing. We have our last days of school tomorrow for preschool and on Tuesday with 1 hr on Thursday for Arlington. Life has been pretty great for us.

But then last night I got a call from my mom. Her sister Karen, who just lost her husband a little over 3 yrs ago to cancer, has cancer herself. She had some of it removed and we are just waiting to see what the drs say. I'm not sure if someone knows more and it's just too hard to write it right now. But this seems crazy that cancer could strike them twice. Neither of them smoke and lived pretty stand up lives. Larry's seemed pretty much a result from his parents having smoked. But Karen's is a huge shock! Please, please, please pray for her and her 3 kids. It will be a trying time for everyone.

I love you all.


Kate said...

Oh Aubrey, I am so sorry to hear this. Your family, especially your aunt Karen, are in my thoughts and prayers.

Em said...

Oh my goodness...I'm so sorry. I will keep Karen and your whole family in my prayers.

Gail said...

I too, am so sorry to hear this. I will be praying for Karen and your family also.

Kristin said...

I just lost my uncle Gordie to cancer a week ago so I can fully understand your family's pain! My heart goes out to you all!