Thursday, May 1, 2008

our shade is no more.

Our trees in front of our house have been dying since we moved here and they are starting to fall apart (quite literally). So the city has decided to cut out the worst one and have put the other on their list of to-dos. It was all quite exciting to the kids Saturday morning when they started. Here are the pics of it all happening.


The tree is starting to fall
Starting to chop it up
Not much left
It's gone


Kate said...

oh, it's kinda sad to see the trees go...but if they are dieing then it is for the better. You wouldn't want one to topple over during a big storm.

I can't get over how green things are there! Our trees are starting to bud, but we don't have any green yet. In fact, ealier this week we got another 6.8 inces of snow! Can you beleive that? It's May! It's warmed up since then though and has mostly all the rain is supposed to be coming in.

Wow. I just spent a whole paragraph talking about our weather...sorry.

Em said...

I'm sure the tree cutting was exciting for the kids! I am always sad to see trees come down, but I can see that it was needed in this case. Have I ever mentioned I love your house? :)

Gail said...

Bye tree! My Jacob said that all while they were cutting ours down. It's amazing the difference it makes when they're gone. I also have to say I love your house. Ours is one of the big, old, monsters too, and I love the big rooms (not the lack of storage). Anyway, just had to tell you that!