Thursday, May 1, 2008

Things I've been busy doing.

First on Friday I chaperoned Arlington's field trip to the Bloomington Children's Discovery Museum.
Then on Saturday I went to the White Sox game with Darrell and a couple from his work. They won. It was AWESOME. Nick Swisher totally rocked that night. Yippee.

Then Saturday we celebrated Arlington's 7th birthday with my brother's family, Mom, and my grandparents and Auntie Karen. It was a really great time.
Then on Tuesday I went again with the preschool this time to the Bloomington Childrens Museum. Darrell got to come also so that was really nice.
Tuesday night Arlington started baseball. Summer is really gearing up to begin already.
Last night we made star cupcakes for Arlington's birthday treat today. It is officially his birthday. And Happy May Day to all!


Kate said...

Happy Birthday Arlington!!

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun.

I love the picture of you at the baseball game, you're adorable. Also, I love the look on the lady's face up and to the right of you. He he.

Also, also, I love the candles on Arlingtons cake. Awesome!

Em said...

I look adorable in that picture! :) You've certainly been busy, in a good way! Hope Arlington's birthday is great today.