Friday, January 11, 2008

An American Eagle

That's what his breed is called. How cute is that? Darrell and I went to see him yesterday. We weren't able to hold him since his 8 other brothers and sisters like to come out too. So we have to schedule something so they have some time to get him out and rally the other pups back in. The kids can't wait to meet him. We have to view them in the shelter's garage because of Arlington's cat allergy, but it should be fine. He is getting neutered on Monday and will be ready after that. We are thinking 2 or 3 weeks.

We want to rename him though. Denver reminds me of Denver and the Mile High Orchestra from The Next Great American Band show and that group was miserable. So I'd love some ideas. We've tossed around Guido, Oreo, Bruce, Ozzie, Pauly, Nacho Blanco, umm...I've forgotten some of the others. When Darrell gets up I'll post some more. We have a Sampson in the house already. So I can't use that. I thought Goliath would be cute, but I think I'm gonna get vetoed on another biblical name.

Here's what his brothers and sisters look like

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Kate said...

American cute is that?? I can't wait to see your little guy. Or hear more names, I love names. I'd love to see the final list you are deciding between.