Thursday, January 31, 2008

my boring ol' life

So I haven't posted for a bit. Not much has happened in my life. I spend most of my day getting kids dressed and fed, running Millie to go potty, feeding kids and husband, running Millie to go potty, taking kids to school, running Millie to go potty, getting kids from school, running Millie to the bathroom, checking book bags, playing with everyone a bit, cleaning up an accident of some kind (kids, Millie, mine, maybe all of them), running Millie to the bathroom, feeding kids, running Millie to go potty, bathing, reading and/or watching a bit of TV before bed, running Millie to the bathroom, brushing and dressing kids for bed and relax on the couch in front of TV. Some point in there I need to find the time to exercise. I'm thinking it needs to be after the kids are in bed. Millie will usually sleep more then and I could be doing something.

Darrell had to return the HHR today. So he's got the van tonight. Which of course is the one night in a million that I needed it. I forgot Arlington needed bite sized veggies for school and we only have bags of frozen veggies. I don't think that'd fly. So I talked to Darrell and he will be picking them up at 3 am after work.

Other than that, nothing has happened here. Darrell is hoping to get his new car on Monday in Columbus OH. He is also buying an old beater truck that he can use if he's working on the '69 Nova he's buying. He was so glad to more than triple what he paid for the Mustang after this accident. We had the HHR for 20 days. Can you believe it's been more that 20 days since the accident?? I can't. But I'm also having a hard time believing this is the last day in January. And with Ash Wednesday next week and lent starting, it's really almost unbearable. I think I'm going to give up some of my sitting on the couch time for lent. Meaning more that I'm going to exercise more during lent. My goal is atleast 15 min every day. Or at least the equivalent to that by the end of the week. We shall see.


Kate said...

running Millie to go potty.....

Oh I remember those days. One night I got home from work about an hour before Collin and when he walked in the door I gave him "the look" and said - She has peed on the floor SIX times since I've been home - I'm sending her back to IOWA!!!

I promise it will get better.

As I turned the calendar over this morning I also thought, wow, where did that month go?? They days, they go to fast!

Anonymous said...

So, is Darrell's replacement for the mustang the '69 nova or is that in addition to that?

Either way, you can tell him that I hate him.

However, if he needs a place to work on it, he can leave it with me for a few years...

Did I mention that I hate him? :)

- Drew