Monday, January 14, 2008

a couple of clarifications

So first things first. We still haven't gotten the dog and have yet to go with the kids to visit. The shelter is only open on Tues-Thurs 1-4, Fri 1-3 and Sat 9-1. So we really haven't had a chance to get there. But we are still planning on getting the little guy. I think our final vote on a name is Yatzee. For now atleast.

Darrell's accident info

He seems to be fine now. He got the stomach flu on Friday and I was worried that it could have been tied to the car accident. When I called the hospital about it, they thought it could be that his brain was bleeding, but Darrell didn't want to go have it checked out. Arlington had been sick on Sunday and tonight, Maggie started throwing up. So I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that it really was the flu.

The accident involved Darrell driving N on Rt29 and a lady in a van driving S on Rt 29. She was turning left across Darrell's lane into the town. Evidentally she didn't see Darrell so he slammed on his brakes. They, not being anti-lock brakes, squealed and she heard that and stopped in the road. Darrell could have veered right toward a telephone poll driving about 35 mph or hopefully just grazed the front of her van and made it through w/o much injury. So he tried the latter. But she was too far over in his lane and his car did not just quickly slide off of her car. So her insurance is covering the accident. His time off of work and medical bills are going to be paid, he will get money for the mustang or they will fix it and they got him the rental. So things are going to work out we think.


Kate said...

I love the name Yatzee, that's really cute.

Thanks for the clarification on the accident, wow, I am just so glad he is alright.

I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Em said...

I also think the name Yatzee is cute. Hopefully the stomach flu doesn't last long! I am also glad to hear things will be covered for the accident, etc. Man, that is scary stuff.

Michele said...

Great news, Aubrey. I'm glad Darrell is feeling better from the accident. Now, let's have a speedy recovery from the flu for all of you!