Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I'm tired, pissy and plain old miserable! I'm hating my life right now. I need a break. Like, maybe I should be playing the lottery and use my winnings for a weekend to a spa. I wish I had my favorite gals here so we could hang out and do something fun...and silly. That's what I need. Silliness. You'd think I could do that with the kids, but I'm so tired of them too. Yuck! I'm hoping I'll use my brain and go to bed early. We'll see.


Em said...

Yes, I agree. Some down-time and silliness is certainly in order right now, to help whatever it is that is ailing each of us individually. Wishing we lived closer... :( If you need to talk or vent, I'm here, ok? Love you.

Kate said...

Oh, oh, oh, sign me up! I want silliness and the spa!! And coffee. Can we also go for coffee?

Damn, this makes me miss you guys!

Michele said...

Thought it was just me that had days like these... today even. I think my mood is work related. Bust yourself and still no progress, wondering when it will (if it will) get done.
Could really use a Saturday Night Live evening with you girls! Or, an anything evening with you girls! Miss you all!