Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fitness blah, blah, blah

So after much consideration, I'm putting off the treadmill. I just can't seem to justify spending over $1000 at the tail-end of the winter. It's going to get nice soon and I'd rather walk with the kids and dog so we all get exercise. But now that we have our Wii, I've been keeping my eye out for something fun on that. And now its here! I can't wait to get this. It is a little pricey right now, but so much cheaper than even a few videos and equipment that it's so gonna be mine! My gloomy mood has brightened a bit in this dreary afternoon. That and the fact that the weather is so crappy Darrell has stayed home and now I can tag team a lot of the work I'm tired of doing. Aka...the kids and dog. I desperately needed him home today. What a relief!


Em said...

Congrats on the Wii! Drew and I have been thinking about getting the Wii Fit when it comes out, too. :)

Kate said...

So glad to hear your mood is brighter and that Darrell was able to stay home yesterday. Yeah for pick-me-ups!

Kate said...

Ever since I read this this morning I've been thinking about this back cover of a magazine I saw once. It had a girl running on a trail in the mountains and said something like "This is my gym" or "This is my treadmill" - I can't remember which, but I always loved that thought. Now you have me looking forward to spring and getting back outside to exercise!