Monday, February 11, 2008

Such reassurance

This came in the most recent MOPS newsletter and I think this is the reason for my funk lately. I haven't been sleeping like usual. I was spoiled by naps and sleeping through the night. But now with Millie, I stay up until atleast midnight so I can take her out before falling into a deep sleep and then I'm up at 5:30 to take her out again. We usually can fall back to sleep until the alarm goes off at 7 to start getting Arlington ready for school. So, my not-quite-6hrs of sleep is not serving me well.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.(Leo J. Burke)

The Nap
Rhonda Headley, Council Coordinator
Recently one morning, my husband and I found ourselves in the midst of some intriguing circumstances. The girls were away, he didn’t have to be at work for three more hours, we had no pressing demands on our time, and we were home alone. Whatever could we do with ourselves? With a twinkle in our eyes and our hearts skipping a beat, we let out the dog, turned off the phone and ran to the bedroom. The flannel sheets enveloped us, we spooned, and we immediately ... lost consciousness. That’s right. We napped! And I do not mean that as a euphemism for anything else but hard-core sleeping. In fact, two-and-a-half hours later, we awoke stiffened in our spoon positions. We hadn’t moved an inch. My husband had serious sheet prints on his face, and I think I detected a small pool of drool on my pillow. That nap was sheer ecstasy and easily one for the record book!I have always craved sleep. I am a Queen Napper. In college, I would schedule classes with just enough time between to slip back to the dorm and doze awhile. Later when I was a substitute teacher during the day, I would rush home to take a quick siesta, and then go to my second job as a restaurant server. Even now, on Sundays, I dream about taking luxurious naps while my husband and kids ignore me.However, I never knew “tired” until I became a parent. The midnight feedings, the worry, the nightmares (theirs and mine), the calls for water and back-scratches (no kidding), and a dog with no bladder control whatsoever have marred my sleep more times than you can imagine. I actually find myself daydreaming about sleep.So if you call my house during the day and you know I’m not at work, just leave a message. I’m probably taking advantage of the best guilty pleasure (besides chocolate): I’m napping!

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Kate said...

Shit. This is my worst fear about motherhood, not getting enough sleep. I don't do well on not enough sleep; if I'm not cranky then I'm sick.

My wish for you today is a nap to rejuvenate yourself.