Thursday, February 7, 2008

a new car, another year

So Darrell got his car. Isn't it beautiful? He's anxious to get it painted. But it runs well enough and he got it for a pretty good deal.

And on Sunday, Darrell and I will have been married for seven years. Seems crazy to me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Darrell, does that car match your purse? :) HAHA

I'm just jealous, I want my own muscle car :(

- Drew

Em said...

Congrats on seven years of marriage, you guys! :) I love the wedding picture banner!

Aubrey said...

Drew, I wish I'd gotten a good picture of Millie in her cute valentine dress with the ruffles. Darrell feels especially masculine when he has to take out to go potty and she's wearing it. We want to take a picture of it all together. So cute huh?

Kate said...

Wow 7 years!! That is awesome! Happy Anniversary you two.

Darrell, congrats on the new car.

I want to see pictures of Millie in her dress!!!

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary! My gosh, 7 years... time is flying by!

The Mustang is awesome! What color will you guys have it painted?