Monday, February 11, 2008

Millie in a dress

So I said I get some pics of the girl up in her dress. I've put the rest on my flickr acct. I'm gonna get Darrell holding her in her dress by the Mustang soon. Today it's only 3 degrees outside, so it won't be now.


Em said...

I love it! She's sooo cute. :)

Michele said...

Oh, how adorable!!

Kate said...

Oh my word, look at her! I love it!!

I signed onto Flickr last night and your pictures show up on my homepage under "friends" when they first popped up I thought, oh, look at that adorable little puppy. And then I realized, oh, that's Millie!! I didn't have time to click through them all, but I can't wait to go look closer. She is so cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!!