Friday, April 11, 2008

some local business shout-outs

So I don't know if any of you know but I have begun to sell my cards at a local gift shop. The shop's name is Parkside Cottage. While I was taking inventory there the other day, Darrell decided to browse and noticed some coffee syrups and other things like that. I just found that they have an online store. This place is Java & Co. I recommend all of you come to Henry to visit me and these two wonderful businesses. And then we could stop by The CoffeE Cup.


Kate said...

They have Tirumisu coffee syrup!! Tirumisu is my all time favorite dessert. We'll definitely have to make a trip down to check this place out. Isn't The CoffeE Cup the place us girls went the last time we were in Henry? That was such a cute little place.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Em said...

I loved that little coffee shop we went to that day. Henry is such an adorable town...would've been so cool to move there. ;) Anywho, that is wonderful that you've been selling your cards at a local shop! You are very talented, and I know I, for one, wouldn't think twice about buying your creations. :) Congrats!

Aubrey said...

Yes, the CoffeE Cup is where we went that time. They are under new owners since then, but it's still as good and they've actually brought in a ton more gift type stuff.

Em, the house you guys liked (the monster white and brown stucco) sold to the pharmacist and his wife said that she has to wash laundry in the tub during the winter because their pipes freeze. Can you imagine? I think you guys are much better off. But there's tons of other stuff here worth visiting for!!

Michele said...

Good for you, Aubrey! I'm sure your cards will sell like hot cakes! That coffee shop was perfect, cute little town, cute little coffee shop. We'll definitely have to go back there. :)