Tuesday, April 8, 2008

hello folks

Hey there. A few questions for all y'all.

First...do you enjoy the music player on my page? I love having music, but sometimes I don't want it. So I'll turn it down or just off. But I know people who absolutely hate it. So I'd like to know the majority vote here.

Second...have you tried to subscribe to this blog and had issues? I was e-mailed by a friend who is having issues. And she is using the same subscription service on her page, so I'm not sure of the issue. I tried another of my e-mail addresses and it seemed to go, but I don't see the address yet on my maintence page. Let me know if you tried and it doesn't work.

So that's all for my questions. As for life, we're pretty good. Everyone seems to be on the mends. We are going to switch drs, so maybe that should help. Yesterday was a relatively beautiful day, but today is rainy and stormy. I'm really looking forward to spring. I don't mind storms, but it's still COLD!

I love you all and hope this finds you well.

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Kate said...

Hey hon, so I tried signing up again this morning at home and it still didn't work. It's the word verification that is giving me problems. It keeps telling me the verification has failed.

As for the music, I don't mind it, but I do usually end up turning it off. Mostly just becuase when I'm reading from home one of either Collin or Maia is near me sleeping or watching tv, etc. It is quite humorous to see the look on their face when I jolt them awake though :)

I hope more beautiful days are coming soon! I too love storms, but you're right latley it has still been so cold. I'm ready for it to warm up a little.