Wednesday, April 2, 2008

this is dumb I know but...

I'm watching American Idol (hey, that's not the stupid part of this post!!!!) and they are showing some past idols and I realized that one of my favorite couples had their twins on this show. What are the odds?? So here I've put the pictures for you to decide.


Em said...'re funny. :) Actually, my friend Tiffany also suggested that Drew's look-a-like was an Idol last season, too. Phil Stacey was his name, right? As for me resembling Carly, I am still just very flattered to be compared to her! So...thank you
! :)

Kate said...

Wow! This is pretty cool. And I total agree! If you remove Carly's hair (because it's the bangs and darkness that kinda threw me at first), that's Em's face!! And I saw Drew in Phil immediately! Too cute.

Kate said...

Okay, so now I just clicked back on the post and saw the picture of Carly again, and I can't see anything BUT Em!!! Ember, you are famous!