Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my cut and my work

So I think I finally have a few pictures I'd be happy enough with here to show off the cut. I straightened it today with the flat iron. Those things are amazing.

And I've been busy painting the garage doors. Here are pics from when we first bought it, when Darrell painted the green and the door I finally got scraped and painted. Isn't it coming along nicely?


Em said...

Yay, hair pics! I like it! Flat irons are amazing, for sure. I couldn't live without mine. The do looks pretty layer-y, is that right? I like the funkiness/texture of it! :)

The paint job is also coming along nicely. I love the color. :)

Kate said...

I'm also so happy to see hair pics! I'm so glad you kept some length because after the Easter pictures I was really liking your hair long. It looks great. Very fun!

I also LOVE my flat iron. I would like her buried by my side, okay?

The garage is going to look great when you are done! I'm assuming the rest of the walls will be green to match the house?

Aubrey said...

Em, it is indeed very layery. I love that. When it's curly, it's got totally fun bounciness and when it's straight, it is indeed a bit edgy. I need edge. Darrell thinks it needs major funky highlights, but its just not in the budget right now.

Kate, we will try to remember you'd like your straight iron buried with you. Hopefully you'll live long enough to find something else you'd prefer there, but whatever.

Yes, we are going to paint it all the light green and then do the windows trimmed out in the bit darker green just like the house. The roof totally needs to be redone. We are debating what to do with the carport right now. It needs a lot of work, so it will need to either be redone or just be gone forever. Slowly but surely. Hopefully our bushes fill in nicely this year to kind of make it less noticable. But I'll be scraping my ass off until then. Look out ladies, my arms are gonna be smokin'!

Michele said...

Love your hair, Aubrey!! It looks great straight!! :)

Good work on the garage, it's coming along nicely! I love the color!!