Friday, April 11, 2008

a whole lot of nothin'

So I just felt like writing. Nothing much happening here. Thank goodness the kids are all healthy. I'm still healthy and so is Darrell. Life is pretty much fine. We had pretty nice weather yesterday, so I spent a lot of time scraping the garage and the doors. I still have much to do, but it will look fab when it's done. I should be taking progress photos.

Today is blustery almost. It was gorgeous and sunny this morning at 7, but within an hour it had started getting cloudy and chilly. Then the rain came. It was mostly just drizzly. The rain had plenty of breaks though so Arlington was able to have recess outside, Darrell and I went for a walk to get coffee and oil and filter. Then when I got home, my friend Mary Jo called to see if I wanted to walk and get the kids from school. So we left about 40 mins early and walked around Stoner Park (that's really the name!). As we started walking home with the kids, it started sprinkling again. Luckily it wasn't much.

I feel great with the exercise I got today. I love that feeling after a good workout.

Do any of you notice you cry more that you're older? Or is it just me? I have been watching American Idol and this week was the Gives Back week. So they show kids in America and Africa that desperately need help. And I just sit and ball. It's pitiful. I watch movies and tear up. I cry because I'm tired and worn out. I'm sick of crying. I can't decide if its from exhaustion or hormones or from having kids or just age. Probably its a combination of it all. I'll be glad for nice outside weather so I'll spend less time watching tv. That'll mean less crying, I hope!


Kate said...

Sounds like you had a really nice day. I love that you and Darrell walked to get coffee. That's one of the downfalls of living in the country - I can't just walk anywhere. I miss that.

I literally watched about 5 minutes of Idol Gives Back and guess what? I had tears! Did I ever tell you that I always tear up to the star spangeled (sp?) banner. Everytime.

Em said...

I teared up many times during American Idol Give Back, then also the next night when all of them sang "Shout to the Lord" together...I was shocked they sang that song! I'm not really someone who likes most Christian music, but there's something about that song that gets me every time. It just touches my heart. I also just teared up while watching "Whose Wedding Is It, Anyway?" One of the couples was going through all the hormone shots, etc. leading up to invitro-fertilization, and right after their wedding, got pregnant on their first try with IVF. I was so happy for them. Gosh, I'm hormonal myself (obviously). Anyway, I hear ya on seemingly crying at the drop of a hat these days... :)

Aubrey said...

Em, I'm so glad you mentioned the Shout to the Lord song. I too, welled up on that one and the commecials for that cd with all those christian praise songs usually makes me a bit weepy. Cute babies, animals, biggest loser...all that makes me cry.

Yes Kate, one of the downfalls in the country is certainly not having anything around worth walking too, but that is also one of the high points; it's just walking in nature. People pay money to visit places like that! I feel Henry is the best of both worlds right now. Isn't it great to be almost content??