Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the meaning of Easter

From my MOPs e-mail. Sorry for all of these, but they mean so much to me and I hope they will touch you too.

The simplest meaning of Easter is that we are living in a world in which God has the last word.(Unknown)

The Easter Story
Carla Foote, Director of Media
Acting out stories in the living room was a favorite activity of my children as preschoolers. For holidays, the living room plays became even more elaborate and included any young friends who were joining our family for a holiday meal.One particular Easter will live forever in our memories. The time came in the story for Jesus (older brother) to come out of the tomb. The angel (a visiting friend) was standing nearby, but the Roman soldier (younger sister) was quite stubborn and wouldn’t let Jesus out of the tomb.The story ended in gales of laughter as Jesus had to push his way past the Roman soldier who was quite determined not to leave her post.I’m not sure how this re-enactment of the Easter morning truth of Jesus’ resurrection affected the spiritual development of my children, but it certainly has lived on for many years in the re-telling. I’m sure when they have children and are enjoying Easter dinner as a family, versions of this story will be retold, even if some of the details become fuzzy over the years.Thankfully, the truth of Easter is bigger than our small re-enactments, and we can celebrate that Jesus is alive and came to give life to each of us, and to our families. If you have questions about the Easter story, download this free Easter resource.

Prayer From a Mother's Heart
Dear God, thank you for giving us Jesus so that my children could have life eternal.


Kate said...

Thank you for this. Since becoming Catholic Easter has so much more meaning to me. Not that it wasn't about Jesus before, but, sadly, I have to admit it did sway more towards bunnies and colored eggs. Now that stuff just isn't quite as important. I know we'll go back to some of those traditions when we have kids, but now it is about so much more to me. I love this story of the kids re-enactment. So cute.

Em said...

I like that you've been sharing these MOPs newsletter snippets, Aubrey. They're always so heart-warming. A good reminder of what Easter is truly about--re-birth. Thanks for sharing.