Thursday, March 13, 2008

sick again

The boys are throwing up again! Ugh. I'm so tired of this. Both of them are having issues top and bottom. Arlington was sitting on the potty this morning and then threw up and unloaded all over the floor. He tried his best, but what can you do when you're already on the toilet? And Gabe just threw up in his bed again, but thought he pooped in his pjs. Which he did. So I put him in our bed after throwing on him one of my t-shirts. Then this morning I noticed he had pooped on our bed. Yuck! I want this all to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are all fine. We are supposed to have another day of 50's with rain and Saturday will be in the 40's with 1-3" of snow and then rain. LOVELY! I want SPRING. And warm thunderstorms with doors open to hear the storm pass. I'm tired of the chilly weather with snow and slush. I am the first to admit I love the winter and I would be devastated to move somewhere that doesn't have it. But I'm sick of it now.

Well, I'm off to wash the bedding...AGAIN!


Em said...

Oh NO! Ick, I'm so sorry the boys are sick again. I hope everyone is better again soon...and I'm right there with ya...praying for spring to come and stay for good.

Kate said...

Oh man, everyone is getting a second round of this is sounds like. I hope the boys are feeling today and that you guys had a nice weekend! Happy St. Patty's Day! (Love the banner picture :))

Kate said...

I hope the boys are feeling BETTER today....I'm a little tired this morning. sorry.