Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the title picture

Okay, while this isn't the most flattering picture, it is really showing what I'm longing for most. Sitting on a deck, while the option of a pool in the background, with family and friends and enjoying the warm weather. I want fresh air, outdoor exercise. I need it. I'm tired of "hibernating" in this once warm and cozy den of mine. Now it's stiffeling and I'm feeling cabin fever, stir crazy.

The boys have been throwing up for over a week now. They were rotating nights, as though taking turns to drive me crazy. But last night, bless their sweet little souls (can you hear the sarcasm???), they decided to share the night. Gabe at 9:30 and Arlington at 2:30. But the thing that was worst, we realized Gabe had gotten it in our bed and by the time Arlington was sick, we didn't have extra clean pillows. No, we were out. I'm tired of puck. The smell, the laundry, the cranky kids and me.

Then to make things simpler, Maggie has decided pooping is an optional thing. So she'll go weeks with out going. But she'll ruin 5 pairs of underware a day because it is "leaking" out of her body. This past month she's had issues with it getting over everything (her winter coat, the toilet seat, handle, bathroom floor, etc. You get the point.) So I've spent my days cleaning crap and vomit. I'm desperate for a vacation (sans kids)!


Kate said...

Ahhh, I remember this day fondly. I too could use some nice weather, the option of a pool,and some good friends company to enjoy. I agree,the winter is starting to get long, I'm looking forward to spring.

So sorry to hear about the kids. I feel so bad for them and for you and Darrell, being sick, or cleaning up afer sick,is just no fun at all. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Looking forward for some sunny days ahead!

Em said...

I love your new banner photo! :) It made me smile immediately upon seeing it! White legs, UNITE! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about all the sickness...puke and poo and everything...oh my! :( I will pray that you get a break from all of it here soon, and that spring comes early, to help soothe your ragged nerves. Sending you a cyber hug...

Aubrey said...

I'm rereading this post and noticed I've written "while a pool in the background" and not "with...". Silly me.

Last night I did no extra cleaning. I watched American Idol, Biggest Loser, actually did some exercise and watched a recorded October Road. It was nice. I also played my newest addiction Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. It was a good night.

And this morning I'm sending Arlington off to school and I think Gabe will be going too. I think we're on the mends. And Maggie has been promised an overnight at Mrs. MaryJo's if she doesn't have dirty underware and uses the potty regularly for 2 weeks. We'll see if that works.

Thanks for the cyber hugs. I needed them.