Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things we've been up to...

So I took the kids to the dr to find out why the heck we've been dealing with puke and poop for as long as we have. They sent me home with rubber gloves and containers to collect stool samples. Oh yea, that's what I want to do. Spend more time with their body "fluids". Great. But the dr also decided that Arlington indeed had a cough due to his asthma and should be on a nebulizer and prescribed a new allergy medicine. So now he does his nebulizer and allergy meds 3 times a day and takes his Singulair nightly. His vomiting has been eliminated.

When I got back from the dr, Gabe's preschool teacher called and in conversation wondered if Gabe was allergic to anything else like he is to grapes. Then I remembered thinking before the holidays that Gabe was allergic (well, they're really sensitivities, allergies would be life threatening reactions like some have to strawberries or nuts) to apple juice. But in the hustle and bustle, I'd forgotten why I wasn't getting apples and juice here. I thought it was because the price of apples had gone up a dollar per pound. So when prices went down again, I bought more and started poisoning Gabe again slowly and adding more stress to my life. We've eliminated apples from his diet and solve his sick issues. Sometimes I feel like such an idiot!!

For the last week, I've been bombarded with headaches. Two of them have been severe ones and one was a migraine. I'm sick of this. And I'm pretty sure Darrell is too!! I might have to go to the dr soon if it doesn't let up.

Tomorrow is the last day of school until after spring break. It is wear your art day, so we made t-shirts after school. Here are the results of our art project.


Kate said...

I love these pictures of the kids! They are so cute.

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Apples huh? I don't know if I would ever put that together. They seem so innocent and harmless :)

Em said...

Poor Arlington with all his meds, huh? Poor kid. And, shoot, that sucks about the apples with Gabe, too. I'm glad you made the connection (don't beat yourself up--finding the source of these things is NOT an easy task!). I'm also sorry to hear about your weird, because I've been struggling with them this past week, too...kinda came out of nowhere, so it's weird.

What a fun project, the t-shirts! They all did a great job and look so proud. Too cute.

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

Em said...

I just had a thought about the you think they might be seasonal allergies at all? I have wondered if that's what mine are...I guess that doesn't necessarily explain the migraine, but yeah...just a thought.

Aubrey said...

I'm almost positive they are allergy related. But they're sucking ass. I can't take it anymore. Even sleeping lots isn't helping.

And to make things worse, Gabe has decided to quit using the bathroom. I've had to run to school twice this week and he's only gone for 2 1/2 hrs. This morning he peed just before we left in his pants, then peed and pooped in his pants at school and again about 30 mins ago when we were playing outside. The little shit. Gabe, not what was in his pants.